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Kermit finds a new pig following Miss Piggy breakup, but says they're just 'close friends'

Kermit the Frog with new Muppets character Denise.
Kermit the Frog with new Muppets character Denise.
Andrea McCallin/ABC
Kermit the Frog with new Muppets character Denise.
Brand new Muppet Denise.
Andrea McCallin/ABC

OK, so put aside for a minute that the Muppets are fictional characters who aren't actually dating anyone — the fact that Kermit and Miss Piggy broke up, according to those behind the characters, meant a lot to a lot of people with nostalgic feelings toward the longtime family favorites. Well, now they're twisting the knife, teasing that Kermit has moved on... to Denise.

Who the heck's Denise? It's a brand new Muppet, who bears a striking resemblance to Miss Piggy because, well, she's a pig. She's a brunette too, so it looks like there's finally a Veronica to Miss Piggy's Betty in the Muppets universe. (Although, we guess that Miss Piggy acted a lot more like Archie's Veronica, but let's forget that for a moment.)

The new "The Muppets" show is a meta show about the Muppets trying to make a new TV show, so Denise is an ABC executive on that new show, according to People Magazine. ABC released photos of the new character, including one with her and Kermit.

The official Kermit the Frog Twitter account also confirmed part of People's story — kind of. He says that he and a certain other lady are just "close friends."

Kermit tweet

Meanwhile, Miss Piggy is happily flirting with her new guest stars:

Liam Hemsworth Instagram

Time to get ready for a whole new take on the Muppets, which debuts on ABC on Sept. 22 — and to put in your Muppet movie DVDs if you want to see Kermit and Miss Piggy back together in the immediate future.

You can watch a trailer and an extended First Look presentation from the new show below:


First Look