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Rain set for a Southern California return after a series of heat waves

John Rabe

Rain is coming back to Southern California this Sunday, bringing lower temperatures and possible thunderstorms with it. The National Weather Service tells KPCC that the greater Los Angeles area has a 60 percent chance of seeing showers. 

"The best chances for rain would be on Sunday during the day, and there's some lingering chances until Monday," National Weather Service forecaster Ryan Kittell said. 

The showers probably won't help much with the drought, Kittell said. "It certainly will help at least water some lawns that normally need the sprinklers." 

A potential quarter of an inch is being forecasted for the L.A. area. That could increase to three quarters of an inch in the foothills.

Angelenos should not expect intense showers. "It should be mostly light ... kind of off and on again," Kittell said. Some foothills may experience steady hours of rain, however, according to Kittell. 

Downtown Los Angeles has recorded less than seven inches of rain this year. In a normal year, that number would be about 11 inches.