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SoCal to warm up as Santa Ana season gets underway

Palm trees in Long Beach, CA.
Palm trees in Long Beach, CA.
J_sh via Flickr

Southern California is getting into Santa Ana winds season, but don’t expect strong gusts to blow just yet.

The U.S. Forest Service isn’t anticipating major fire concerns over this week's weak Santa Ana event. But areas below canyons and passes will experience breezy conditions starting Tuesday, with higher gusts expected to hit more wind-prone spots.

“We can have some stronger Santa Ana wind events during the month of October,” said Tom Rolinksi, senior meteorologist with the U.S. Forest Service. “Right now, there doesn't seem to be anything on the immediate horizon. But we'll wait and see what happens in November.”

What we can expect after Monday’s cooler temperatures is a warming trend, according to the National Weather Service.

“We just have some sprinkles and light showers going in the mountains and foothill areas this morning,” said meteorologist Scott Sukup. “By Wednesday, we'll be up into the mid- to upper-80s for a lot of the coastal and valley areas with some of the hotter areas being close to 90.”