California State University faculty members voting whether to strike

Students walk around Cal State Northridge.
Students walk around Cal State Northridge.
Peter & Joyce Grace/Flickr

California State University (CSU) and the California Faculty Association (CFA) have not yet reached an agreement on salary negotiations. The CFA — a union made up of professors, lecturers and other faculty members — has begun voting on whether they will authorize a strike.

The union could potentially strike if bargaining is unsuccessful.

"The gap between the CSU and CFA's proposal is $68.9 million," said Toni Molle, director of public affairs for the California State University Chancellor's Office. 

CSU is proposing a 2 percent general salary increase. The CFA is looking for a 5 percent general salary increase.

Currently, negotiations are at an impasse. The CSU and the CFA are going into a fact-finding process, Molle said. Fact-finding is where an independent fact finder reviews the facts on the bargaining table and issues a report.

"But at any point in the negotiation there could be an agreement," Molle said.

The union voting will last 10 days.