Funeral services for slain Paris attacks victim Nohemi Gonzalez held in Downey

Nohemi Gonzalez Facebook

Friends and loved ones gathered in Downey Friday to say goodbye to Nohemi Gonzalez, a California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) student who was killed in terror attacks in Paris last month.

Gonzalez, 23, was a design student in her senior year at CSLUB. She was studying abroad in Paris during the time of the attacks in November that killed 120 people across the city. 

Nohemi's mother Beatriz Gonzalez offered a eulogy to her daughter, which was read by the head of the school's design department, Michael Herman. 

"As a child she was very enthusiastic and always had a beautiful spirit," Herman read. "She enjoyed helping others."

Others — including Gonzalez's grandmother, her cousins and her stepfather, Jose Hernandez — offered tearful remembrances of Nohemi during the services held at Calvary Chapel.

"It's not easy being up here in front of all these people," Hernandez said during the services. "Thank you all of you guys."

Hernandez also read tributes by friends of Gonzalez who were in Paris with her before she died.

One of Gonzalez’s cousins, Miriam Padilla, emotionally spoke about her memories with Gonzalez and of her positive attitude.

Padilla asked for solidarity after her cousin's death.

“The Paris tragedy is fueling the fear of domestic terrorism, and in our quest for a better world we must stand in solidarity,” Padilla said. “We are angry, furious that our cousin is dead. But this attack has only deepened the resolve to advocate for all immigrants fleeing violence and economic disparity in the Middle East and Latin America and all over the world,” reported the Press Telegram.

Gonzalez, affectionately called Mimi, was the youngest of three children.