What's your issue in this election year? Economy, environment, health care and more

Bruce Lemon shares his issue.
Bruce Lemon shares his issue.
Maya Sugarman

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We’ve been asking you to tell us what issues matter the most to you in this election year and about 400 of you have responded so far.

Those who participated told us they care about the economy, jobs, income inequality and the erosion of the middle class. Combined, these economic concerns made up the top issue followed by climate change and the environment as the topics that most worry you.

Health care costs and the quality of health care also loomed large for those who responded.

Not surprisingly, many people don’t like the gridlock they think keeps politicians from addressing the country’s problems. A number of you also want to see the campaign finance system reformed.

Carol Schneider, a retired high school English teacher from South Pasadena, is among those worried about the country's income disparity.

"The 99 percent versus the 1 percent. I feel like our country at this point is becoming more of the haves and the have-nots," she said. 

Ken Murray, a retired professor of medicine from USC, said one of his top issues is education.

“I don’t have a real sense of where we’re going either in our county, our state, or our country with education," he said.

This isn’t a scientific survey — and a public media audience may skew one way or the other. But the issues cited aren't too different from those named in one poll released in January by the Public Policy Institute. The survey suggested Californians think the drought, the economy, education and immigration are the most important issues for Sacramento to address.

We'll continue to collect your comments through the general election on issues that matter to you. And we'll be asking California candidates to address the concerns that you've raised to help you evaluate who might best represent you.

This project is a collaboration of public radio newsrooms across California called California Counts. The collaboration brings together KPCC, KQED, KPBS and Capital Public Radio in covering the election with perspectives from our audience.

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What's your issue?