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Los Angeles heat wave continues — no rain expected until at least March

File: Beach goers splash in the Seal Beach waves.
File: Beach goers splash in the Seal Beach waves.

It seems as though the groundhog's prediction earlier this month was correct: an early spring is afoot. This weekend, the only reason you'll need your umbrella is to shade yourself from the sun. The National Weather Service forecast says weekend temps in the L.A. Basin will be well into the 70s and maybe even the low 80s by Sunday.

“The fact that we’re getting multiple heat waves in the month of February is a little unusual, but it’s not unprecedented, and it has happened several times in the past,” National Weather Service meteorologist Robbie Munroe told KPCC.

Munroe said the heat will peak on Monday and Tuesday with widespread high temperatures in the 80s, which may approach records temps in the L.A. Basin. After that, weather should fall into a cooling trend, hitting the 70s by Thursday, Munroe said.

As for future rain, Munroe said there is no wet weather expected in the next seven days, but it's possible there may be some showers in early March.