Plans to revamp 340 acres north of LAX move forward

File photo of Los Angeles International Airport.
File photo of Los Angeles International Airport.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Los Angeles communities from Westchester to Playa del Rey can expect new commercial and green spaces popping up across 340 currently vacant acres.

The city aims to revamp an open chunk of land owned by Los Angeles International Airport. The LAX Northside Plan, approved by the L.A. City Council on Tuesday, would include new office space, restaurants, sports fields and open space.

The plan was one of Councilman Mike Bonin's top goals when he entered office in 2013. Bonin said efforts to develop the area have been ongoing, with more than 50 group and individual meetings to discuss the design.

“I decided I wanted to change this plan on the books into something that would work better for the community,” Bonin said. 

Courtesy of Councilman Mike Bonin

LAX acquired the land in the 1970s to create a buffer between the community. In the '80s a plan was created by the airport to develop the land into high-rise office buildings and big box retail.

Bonin said that the new designs incorporate "state of the art" environmentally friendly features such as permeable pavement and green roofs.

"I'm looking forward to folks in Westchester having a nice place to go out to eat. They always complain they don't have enough sit-down restaurants there," Bonin told KPCC. "But I'm also really looking forward to taking a walk or taking a bike ride with my friends or my husband or my son on the paseo." 

Courtesy of Councilman Mike Bonin

That paseo will be a 3-mile stretch of trail connecting downtown Westchester to Playa del Rey, and he thinks it will become a signature feature of this new space. 

The plan has already been approved by the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners, the City Planning Commission and the L.A. County Airport Land Use Commission. It will also be reviewed by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a press release. 

Airport commissioners will be asking for proposals from developers who want to come in and build on the land. 

See the entire plan for the LAX Northside revamp here