Loud booms are frightening Alhambra residents — and no one knows where they're coming from

Loud noises echoing through northeast Alhambra have been baffling, bothering and bewildering residents for months — and no one seems to know where they're coming from.

Alhambra city services manager Chris Paulson tells KPCC media partner NBC LA that the entire City Council experienced one of these frightening booms: "And all of the sudden we hear this large sharp explosion, very quick. And we all flinched."

They weren't the only ones wincing. The booms have frightened residents while rattling windows and setting off car alarms.

City officials have received more than 100 complaints about the random but repeated noises.

They've ruled out fireworks, sonic booms, earthquakes, construction and work on the railroad as the source. But they can't pinpoint the cause.

"My gut tells me it's either pranksters or something mechanical as opposed to natural or supernatural. But we have no idea," Paulson says.

Alhambra officials say they'll continue to investigate. Until then, residents are encouraged to report any booms they hear to the Alhambra Police Department by calling 626-570-5151 or filling out a report on the department's website.