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Fall weather settles over Southern California — but not for long

File: Downtown Los Angeles on an overcast day.
File: Downtown Los Angeles on an overcast day.
Omar Barcena via Flickr Creative Commons

You may have noticed some drizzle on your windshield or felt some specks of precipitation on your face Tuesday. While that type of weather is normal for other places this time of year, it's a huge deal for Angelenos.

We haven't seen moisture like this since May, National Weather Service meteorologist Kathy Hoxsie told KPCC. Her advice: Don't get used to it.

"People that like cool weather should enjoy it while they have it, because it's not going to stick around very long," she said.

The low-pressure system that caused the short-lived cool down isn't here to stay. Temperatures are expected to start climbing back up starting Wednesday, Hoxsie said. 

Coastal areas and downtown L.A. will be back into the mid-70s by the weekend, while temperatures in the Valley will edge into the 90s by Sunday.

A wind advisory is in effect for L.A. County mountains and the Antelope Valley through late Tuesday night, Hoxsie said. The 45 mph gusts are just above the required threshold to issue an advisory, she added, but they aren't expected to be significantly strong. 

“Most people that would be affected by the advisory would be travelers on the roadways going through the mountains and canyons," she said.