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Chief Beck fractures his pelvis in motorcycle accident

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.
David McNew/Getty Images

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck may need to undergo surgery Monday after an off-road motorcycle accident.

Beck was riding his motorcycle Saturday in the Tehachapi mountains when he fell on a rocky trail and fractured his pelvis. He was with friends at the time.

LAPD spokesperson Aareon Jefferson tells KPCC that Beck, a competitive off-road motorcycle rider for the past 40 years, was able to ride his bike back to his truck. He then drove himself home to receive care at a local hospital.

He is current and past national champion of a competition between police officers and fire departments who compete in motorcycle off-roading.

Beck told the OC Register in 2014 that his original career dream was to be a dirt bike racer: "I was a halfway student most of the time because all I did was work on motocross racing. My dad worried that was all I would ever do."

Beck thanked everyone for their well wishes as he recuperates. He is expected to make a full recovery within the week.

He may be out for part of the week but will remain in contact with the department.