LAX will be America's third busiest airport this Thanksgiving

David McNew/Getty Images

If you're flying out of or picking someone up from LAX this Thanksgiving weekend, you should probably leave right now. We're only half-kidding.

Travel experts predict LAX will be the third busiest airport in the country during Thanksgiving weekend. They expect at least two million travelers to pass through its corridors — a more than eight percent jump over last year.

But lines may move a little faster at one terminal.

The TSA recently debuted five automated screening lines at Terminal 7, the main operating point for United Airlines.  The agency hopes those automated lines will cut screening wait times by 30 percent.

Nancy Castles with LAX says you can also cut your travel time by taking public transportation.

"Passengers can do their part to help reduce the traffic congestion by taking shared-ride public transportation to and from the airport. And that includes the Metro Rail Green Line, door-to-door shuttle vans, long distance and municipal busses," she tells KPCC.

As they always do on busy travel days, airport officials urge people who are picking up passengers to avoid circling the terminal and instead wait at the LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot. It's located at 96th street and Vicksburg near Parking Lot C and it's free