City council looks to enhance playground security

File photo of an empty playground.
File photo of an empty playground.
Maraweeen/flickr Creative Commons

The Los Angeles City Council is looking at ways to better secure city playgrounds.

A new motion introduced at Wednesday's meeting by Councilman Mitch O'Farrell would limit access to play areas in city parks to children and their parents or guardians.

O'Farrell told KPCC he came up with the idea after hearing from several constituents that they were avoiding a park because of possible drug activity. He said that's not what parks are built for, but also understands that they still remain public spaces so they can't ban everyone who isn't a parent, guardian or child.

“We certainly aren’t doing this so that we create some sort of police state activity in our parks, but we are certainly doing this so that we will heavily discourage any adult who might have some sort of predatory ideas or ideas to take over a children’s play area for their own purposes,” he said.

Once drafted, the ordinance will still need to go before the Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners to consider and then to the Arts, Parks, and Los Angeles River Committee, which O’Farrell chairs. The full council likely won't vote on it until early next year, he said.