Big rig crashes onto tracks, blocking LA Metro line

A big rig crash Thursday morning shut down the Metro Gold Line for most of the day.
A big rig crash Thursday morning shut down the Metro Gold Line for most of the day.
California Highway Patrol

A big rig crash on Interstate 210 in Pasadena that blocked the Metro Gold Line was one of dozens of traffic accidents on L.A. County freeways on a rainy Thursday.

The truck crashed through a wall and ended up on tracks that run down the middle of the interstate, effectively shutting down the Gold Line for most of the day. Metro used buses to aid Thursday morning commuters. While train service was gradually being re-established, buses were still needed later in the day.


According to Metro, the big rig blocking the tracks was removed, but repairs were expected to continue into Friday.

The big rig crash was the lone traffic advisory for the California Highway Patrol as of Thursday afternoon. CHP reported 79 accidents on L.A. County freeways between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Thursday morning, according to CHP Officer Siara Lund. 

Lund told KPCC her office saw a bump from the usual amount of Thursday morning accidents, but the number wasn’t “too crazy.” Many of the reported accidents could have been prevented by taking extra caution on the road, she said.

“Everyone in LA is in such a hurry,” she said. “They think they’re invincible in the rain.”

Lund said freeway drivers should stay on the inner lanes to avoid flooded outside lanes. She also encouraged drivers to check tire treads – something Californians forget during the dry summer months.Parents should remove children from bulky winter coats when putting them in a car seat, she said. The size of some coats prevents some car seats from fastening correctly, she said.

“Just throw a blanket on them instead,” she said.