Dear President-elect Trump: SoCal's hopes for the new administration

Preparations are made on the west side of the U.S. Capitol during a rehearsal for the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump on Jan. 15, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
Preparations are made on the west side of the U.S. Capitol during a rehearsal for the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump on Jan. 15, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

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As the country prepares to see Donald Trump sworn in as its 45th president, we've asked Southern Californians of different political stripes to share their thoughts about the election and what they would like Trump to now tackle.

Californians overwhelmingly backed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but Trump still won millions of votes in the state. Final numbers showed that Clinton secured 8,753,788 votes to Trump's 4,483,810.

In the wake of that reality, Friday's inauguration ceremonies will be bitter for some, a celebration for others. Here are reflections from local residents across Los Angeles County:

Hermosa Beach: Alyse Laemmle

Alyse Laemmle is 100 years old and lives in Hermosa Beach. She's a longtime Democrat and had expected to see the first female president elected when she cast her vote for Hillary Clinton. Then Trump won.

Laemmle: For me the election was an enormous disappointment. That's the main thing that stands out but there's nothing I can do about it. I want him to not destroy the accomplishments of the Obama administration. I want him to respect them and implement them. 

Canyon Country: Adam White

Adam White of Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, voted for President Obama twice, but registered as a Republican to support Donald Trump. Adam traveled to Trump campaign events in Iowa and Nevada and will be watching the inauguration Friday from Washington, D.C. 

White: What I'm looking for, what I'm most excited for is a true president. Someone who is bipartisan, who is getting Congress in line. There's a real problem with Congress. It's broken. Donald Trump has to shake up the system. 

Valencia: Shawnee Badger

Shawnee Badger is 23 and lives in Valencia, Santa Clarita. She was a volunteer and a delegate for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign.

Badger: Looking toward the inauguration, I am worried. I don't really know where we're headed but I just hope that we can all stick together and fight for what we believe in. 

East Los Angeles: Michael Lopez

Michael Lopez is 27 and lives in East Los Angeles. He's a Libertarian, but in November he voted for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because he felt like he had no other choice.

Lopez: I'm curious to see what the new administration does. President Obama said we're all rooting for his success now and I definitely am. I want him to be a great president. 

Los Angeles: Larson Eernissee

Larson Eernissee is a USC political science student. Larson is on the board of the school’s College Republicans. He broke with his party in November and voted for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Eernissee: I'd say the underlying feeling most of all is kind of a disappointment in my party. But at the same time I would say it's hopeful. I hope that he has a great presidency. Most of all I hope that America is doing really well and its leaders are making the right decisions and at this point that means Donald Trump.

Quotes above have been edited for length and clarity.