Trump protesters march in downtown LA, prepare for Women's March

Anti-Donald Trump protesters demonstrate on Inauguration Day, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.
Anti-Donald Trump protesters demonstrate on Inauguration Day, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.
Courtesy of Jonas Anderson

Hundreds of demonstrators braved the rain Friday to rally in downtown Los Angeles in protest of newly sworn-in President Donald Trump. 

One group of protesters came from Boyle Heights, the other from the direction of the Staples Center. Both groups converged in front of L.A. City Hall on Friday afternoon. 

Eagle Rock resident Jonas Anderson joined the protest after getting off work. 

"He's president, he's our man — so at this point I have no choice but to hold his feet to the fire and fight in any way possible, within the bounds of law," Anderson told KPCC.

LAPD officers were on hand to monitor events, but Anderson said they weren't carrying batons or wearing riot gear. As of Friday afternoon, no arrests were made and no violence was reported.

Up to 150,000 people are expected to converge on downtown L.A. Saturday morning for the Women's March L.A. Organizers say the event's meant to "unify communities" and make a stand for human rights. 

It's one of roughly 200 Women's Marches taking place across the country, including what's expected to be a large demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Deena Katz, co-chair of the march in L.A., told KPCC that she was headed to D.C. — but then she had a better idea. 

"And then I took a beat and I was like, 'You know I'm gonna spend $8,000 to fly everybody in — Planned Parenthood, ACLU, all these places need this money more," Katz said. "And then in the next breath I was like, 'Y'know what would be amazing is if we did one here.'"

About five dozen celebrities — including Barbara Streisand, Natalie Portman, Kerry Washington and Laverne Cox — are expected to attend.