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Oscars 2017: Printable Academy Awards ballots and bingo cards

File: Overview of Oscar statues on display at
File: Overview of Oscar statues on display at "Meet the Oscars" at the Time Warner Center on Feb. 25, 2010 in New York City.
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The Oscars are this Sunday. It's the highlight of the film fan's calendar, and if you want to take your Academy Awards viewing experience to the next level, we have the tools for you.

Printable Oscars ballots

Maybe you've seen all the movies, or maybe not, but you still want to beat your friends when it comes to guessing the winners. If you want a hand deciding, check out our rundown of all the interviews and coverage that KPCC has done — and be sure to check out predictions from "The Awards Show Show." Then, come back here, print your ballot and fill it out with your picks for Hollywood gold.

Oscars bingo cards

Now that you have your ballot in hand, you can continue keeping the festivities extra fun with Oscars bingo — where you watch for those iconic moments, some of which happen all the time while others may be more of a long shot. You can play with friends, either working together to spot everything or competing against each other to be the first to scream "Bingo!" You can also play by yourself, giving yourself another reason to blink as little as possible. So print out your bingo card and be careful not to mistake pizza smudges for marking a square.

Here's where you can score a bingo card: