Los Angeles Rams tap fans to help choose final uniform design

File: Los Angeles Rams' uniforms are getting tweaked for the 2017 season.
File: Los Angeles Rams' uniforms are getting tweaked for the 2017 season.
Doug Benc/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are making changes to their uniforms, featuring a modern blue-and-white scheme. The final version of the uniform was revealed Thursday, with the new helmet revealed Wednesday in a video with Rams legend Rosey Grier. It drops the gold in favor of white horns on blue — a throwback to the uniforms worn by the “Fearsome Foursome” a half a century ago.

The helmets had yet to be finalized Wednesday. The Rams asked fans to vote for the final design, seeking input on the color of the face mask — blue or white. The result: a white face mask won the day. More than 90,000 fans voted over 48 hours on Twitter and Facebook, according to a press release from the NFL.


"This just goes to show all the hard work my teammates and I put in while wearing those uniforms isn't forgotten," Grier's Fearsome Foursome compatriot, quarterback Roman Gabriel, said in a statement. "

The uniform has undergone numerous tweaks over the years. Between 1964 and 1972, the Rams wore all blue-and-white jerseys, including helmets with white horns. They're also considering a full rebranding for 2019 to go with their new L.A. Stadium, according to the NFL.

Earlier this week, the team also put two options for the pants up for a vote. The winning pants are white with one navy stripe down the side.

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