Hundreds of Santa Ana School District employees face potential layoffs

File: Retail stores stock shelves with school supplies.
File: Retail stores stock shelves with school supplies.
Erika Aguilar/KPCC

Members of the Santa Ana Unified School District board voted Tuesday to hand out nearly 300 pink slips to educators on March 15. Those affected, mostly teachers and management, could be laid off due to shifting sources of federal government funding, district officials said — though they may not be, as pink slips in this case indicate potential layoffs rather than a guarantee.

The board voted 4 to 1 in favor of sending out the pink slips. Every year, the board votes on a similar measure to prepare for possible shifts in staff funding — but district officials say this year is different.

“This year, because of the new [federal] administration, there are some decisions that the government will be making [that] will have potentially a significant impact in school districts,” John Palacio, the board’s president, told KPCC.

Santa Ana Unified has lost thousands of students over the last few years, Deidra Powell, a district spokeswoman, told the Orange County Register. That declining enrollment means staff members could be subject to layoffs, she said.

Final decisions on whether the recipients of pink slips will be laid off will be made later this year after Gov. Jerry Brown releases his revised budget proposal, Palacio said.