Moving day at LAX goes well

David McNew/Getty Images

A gigantic moving day at Los Angeles International Airport has gone off without a hitch.

The airport says seven airlines switched terminals overnight, while Delta Air Lines completed the first of three days of moving operations.

Several other airlines are moving Sunday.

The relocation involves moving planes, transporting hundreds of computers and thousands of boxes, relocating furniture and changing signs.

In all, 15 airlines are swapping terminals while others are switching ticket counters within terminals. The relocations will continue into Wednesday morning.

Traveler Kumbi Odubogn, who was at LAX Saturday night, spoke with KPCC's media partner, NBC4: "So it's a bit confusing cause they told us there'll be a shakeup and we're supposed to come to terminal 3, but apparently it's terminal 6. But you have to check in at terminal 5, so it gets really complicated."

Shuttle buses and volunteer guides in neon green are helping travelers find the right terminals and only minor problems have been reported.

The shuffle was prompted by Delta's move and that airline is picking up the costs.