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Slain Inglewood cop's family seeks to stop killer's release

File: An Inglewood Police patrol car.
File: An Inglewood Police patrol car.
Pravin Premkumar/Flickr Creative Commons

The family of an Inglewood Police officer killed in a 1988 robbery is desperate to stop the prison release of the crime's mastermind. Joevone Elster, who has served nearly 30 years in prison for the first-degree murder of Sgt. George Aguilar, could be released next week. 

While Elster did not shoot the officer, he did plot out the crime that lead to Aguilar's death. Last year, a parole board deemed Elster suitable for release, but Gov. Jerry Brown intervened. 

However, an L.A. judge overturned Brown's decision, arguing Elster has a spotless disciplinary record in prison and has expressed remorse for the crime. 

Now Aguilar's daughter, Camille Zamorano, is pleading for another intervention and told KPCC that she wants justice to be served.

"If I could speak with [Gov. Brown], I would ask him to please stop the release of Elster," Zamorano said. "He is a cop killer and a danger to society and a danger to the rest of law enforcement."