Disneyland guests smeared by massive dump of geese droppings

Geese fly over the Island of Foula in Scotland.
Geese fly over the Island of Foula in Scotland.
Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Some Disneyland visitors got more adventure than they bargained for when a flock of geese let go in flight, fouling the guests.

Anaheim police and fire officials say 17 people, including six children, were barraged by bird droppings just before 9 p.m. Friday.

A hazardous materials team was sent to Main Street near the Sleeping Beauty Castle after a report that feces had been thrown on people.

It was quickly determined the real culprit was a flock of geese flying overhead. The species of the geese remains unknown.

Authorities say the smeared visitors were taken to a private restroom to clean up and were given with clean clothes.

Police reported that the guests were "healthy and happy" after the event.

No word on whether this was a planned attack by a cell militant of waterfowl or a random occurrence.