Heat wave brings elevated fire danger, record-breaking temperatures

Officials have raised the fire danger level to
Officials have raised the fire danger level to "very high." The intense heat makes it easier for dry brush to ignite.
Kevin Schultz/Flickr

Much of Southern California is under a heat advisory as the current heat wave peaks Friday and Saturday. The National Weather Service says the hot conditions are dangerous and potentially life threatening across much of the Southland.


High temperatures are expected to reach up to 110 degrees in inland areas. Even residents on the coasts may see temperatures in the 90s. The heat wave is predicted to bring record-breaking temperatures to Los Angeles, Long Beach, Woodland Hills and Camarillo.

In Los Angeles, officials have raised the fire danger level to "very high." That means the dry brush that's around could easily ignite with the intense heat conditions, and could spread quickly.

"We ask people to be extra careful with fire or heat-producing equipment," says Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey.

He recommends avoiding parking on tall grass and being careful when cooking outdoors.

"And certainly not utilizing any power equipment like a weed wacker after 10 a.m.," he added.

If you are outdoors in the heat, don't forget the sunscreen. The UV index Friday is expected to be higher than usual.

The National Weather Service says the heat wave is due to a strong upper level high pressure system centered over the southwest. The weather should cool off about five to 10 degrees by Sunday.