Port of LA tightens security after car chase & death

Trucks idle at the APM Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles.
Trucks idle at the APM Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles.
Brian Watt/KPCC

After a security breach that ended with a man's death, the Port of Los Angeles is stepping up security measures.

Last week, a man led police on a wild car chase that ended when he blazed through a checkpoint at the port, climbed on top of a shipping crane and eventually fell to his death.

Gene Seroka with the Port of L.A. said authorities instituted interim measures to secure the docks: "[They] fortified entries and exit with gates, additional signage, cones and security members here, checking each and every credential of workers and vendors that come in and out of this complex. This is a private road, and we manage it as such."

The man who died last week was a suspected car thief. Police in Los Angeles spotted him driving a car that was reported stolen from a dealership in San Bernardino and an hours-long chase ensued.

After he climbed to the top of a crane at the port, he sat there, dangling his legs over the edge and stripping naked before falling about 160 feet to his death.

Port of Los Angeles officials are considering other long term changes to improve security.