Threats to Latino student group at Cal State Long Beach under investigation

An investigation into a death threat aimed at a group of Cal State Long Beach students is underway, according to campus police. 

Police say a suspect posted a message late last week onto the La Raza Student Association Facebook page threatening to shoot the group's student officers.

"We have talked to an individual we believe to be the suspect in this case," said Lieutenant Richard Goodwin with the university's police department, which is handling the investigation. "We are proceeding forward to legally get what we need to file a case with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office."

Posters containing Hitler's face with the message "finish what he started" were also recently posted at the campus' Multicultural Center, Goodwin said. However, he said they were removed before police could document them as evidence.

Goodwin said campus police have consulted with the FBI, but that the agency isn't directly involved in the investigation.