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What should go in your earthquake emergency kit?

Maya Sugarman/KPCC

For most Southern Californians, earthquakes are an unfortunate reality — around 10,000 earthquakes happen in the Southland each year. Most are so small they’re barely felt, but larger, more destructive earthquakes are always a possibility.

That’s why experts recommend you have critical supplies stored and accessible before an earthquake hits. One way to make sure you’re prepared for an emergency is to have a “go bag,” or a kit with the necessary items to survive for at least a few days in a disaster.


Here are some items to consider including in an emergency kit:

How many of these items do you have handy in your emergency prep kit already? (You can also get a kit from KPCC with all these supplies by donating to the fall pledge drive at the $30/month level.) 

Keep in mind many of these items are meant to last just a few days. If you're thinking about how to survive for several weeks or even months, you'll want to expand on your supplies — the Red Cross has a few more suggested items

Once you have your supplies stocked up, brush up on what to do in the immediate aftermath of a quake and things to know about evacuating in a disaster.