You scream, I scream, we all say bye to California Screamin'

File photo of California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure park.
File photo of California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure park.
Andy/Flickr Creative Commons
File photo of California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure park.
File photo: The signage for California Screamin' in Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure.
Anna Fox/Flickr Creative Commons

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3, 2, 1... And away we go!...

Disney's California Adventure California Screamin' took its last ride across Paradise Pier Monday. 

Rest easy — it won't be completely demolished. Following other recent attraction revamps, the ride will be transformed into "Incredicoaster," based on "The Incredibles" movie, set to open this summer.

It's part of Disney's revamp of the entire area. Paradise Pier will be renamed to Pixar Pier and will include multiple Pixar-inspired neighborhoods.

A Love Letter to California

Disney's California Adventure first opened in 2001. It was Disney's attempt to finally add a companion park to the happiest place on earth.


"Disney really wanted to have a second gate for its Anaheim park," said Robert Niles. Disney had a number of options for themes of their newest park before deciding on the obvious.

"Eventually they decided the best theme was the one right under their nose: The state of California," Niles said.

To that end, there were a number of attractions all centered on the Golden State, such as the Soarin' Over California and Mulholland Madness rides. But perhaps most significant was Paradise Pier, meant to be a mash-up of Santa Monica and Santa Cruz's boardwalk areas. 

Saying good-bye to California Screamin' 

Since its opening in 2001, the ride's signature loop alongside Mickey's Fun Wheel, has become as much a staple to the park as Disneyland's Space Mountain. 

And as proven by a slew of visitors getting in their last Instagram shot, it will be missed.









Now, can summer get here already?!