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Singer Inara George opens up about the death of her father on new album

Singer Inara George (art by Jenny Rask)
Singer Inara George (art by Jenny Rask)
Alexa Nikol Curran

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On Inara George's fifth birthday, she attended a wake for her father. The late Lowell George was one of the founders of the 70s LA band Little Feat. His death had a deep influence on Inara's life, but never on her music.... until now. 

Inara George video - "Release Me"

Inara George penned a song about her father called "Release Me" for her newest album "Dearest Everybody." She told KPCC's Alex Cohen that she wrote the song for her mother on her 70th birthday, but never planned on recording it. "I thought it was too much," she said, "and then I played it for my producer and he didn't think so, so I kind of followed his lead."

It's been nine years since Inara George's last solo album. The singer and songwriter notes that she's gone through a lot of life changes, and that's reflected in her work. When she started off making music in her twenties, it was easy to write about the ups and downs of romance. But two decades later, she is a wife and a mother. "I remember writing a new record after having kids and tthere were just  some things I just couldn't sing about any more, "she says, "I'm not going to write about the angst of love anymore." 

Inara George "Young Adult"

To hear Inara George's chat with KPCC's Alex Cohen, including her thoughts on gender inequity in the music industry, click on the blue player button above. 

Inara George's "Slow Dance"