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5 parent-friendly podcasts for kids

I do not have children and thus have never found myself stuck on the 405 with a back seat full of bored, malleable brains melting as they Snapchat each other (honestly though, I love Snapchat — those filters!) However, I do have an ever-procreating friend group and they all keep asking me what podcast to listen to with their kids. My answer? I don’t know. So, I set out to listen to a bunch of kids' podcasts hoping to be able to show up to the next bouncy house birthday party with some solid recommendations. Here is what I found.

Brains On

Kids and journalists join forces to answer life’s greatest questions in this beautifully produced podcast. Get answers to questions like: How did dinosaurs get so big? Which is better, dolphin or octopus? Is it opposite day? But also tackle more serious topics like: What is down syndrome? And what is beyond the edge of the universe? This is a podcast for kids, but the information is for everyone. I will be shocked if parents don’t also learn something from every episode.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

The first season of TUDMP won a Peabody! The show is a serialized mystery drama performed by kids and for kids. The characters in this show are in middle school, so imagine how middle schoolers talk to each other if you need help figuring out if this is the right show for your kid.

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls

Not just for bedtime and not just for girls, this new podcast features real-life inspiring women reading the real-life inspiring stories of women. The stories, like life, are complex, but that makes them perfect for repeat listening.

Circle Round

This story show is a curation of folktales from around the world, adapted for today. You’ve got life lessons, you’ve got entertainment, you’ve got an original score. I tried to listen to just a few episodes but “forgot” to turn this one off.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

Sci-fi is beautiful, and in this serialized romp kids get to explore space, help aliens and play with pet robots. The story is adorable without being saccharine.