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See our archived live blog of the removal of the Occupy L.A. encampment.

Occupy LA sues: What are their chances?

Occupy LA supporters are asking a federal judge to bar the city from tearing down their tent city on the lawn near City Hall where they've been since Oct. 1. The city has until tomorrow to respond to a filing in L.A. Superior Court on which five protesters are named as plaintiffs. How likely is it they'll get their way? Not likely.

Occupy LA: Deadline Night Ends With No Eviction at City Hall

A peaceful standoff between police and members of the Occupy LA movement lasted through the night outside City Hall. LAPD cleared the streets around the building at 6am, just as Monday morning commuter traffic was getting underway, but as of this morning has not acted to evict protesters from City Hall's south lawn.

Immigration, deportations on Occupy L.A.’s list of grievances

As Occupy L.A. protesters prepared last week to fight the city’s planned eviction of their camp outside City Hall – still on hold as they take the eviction fight to court - a list of demands drafted by the protesters solidified their sympathy for the immigrant rights movement.

Occupy LA deadline: Protesters given until Monday to evacuate City Hall park

Occupy L.A. will be forced to vacate the land in front of City Hall by Monday November 28 at 12:01 AM, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Friday.

Occupy LA protesters say they'll stay despite deadline

Occupy Los Angeles protesters have told the city of Los Angeles that they plan to maintain the camp they formed 57 days ago on the City Hall lawn.

LA offers incentives to Occupy protesters to leave City Hall

Los Angeles city officials are offering Occupy L.A. protesters incentives, including downtown office space and two empty lots for a community garden, if they agree to stop camping outside City Hall.

Branding the Occupy movement

The international movement that started with Occupy Wall Street has a branding problem: how do you sell an idea that is hard to codify into one simple, marketable idea?

Occupy LA arrests: After march, 47 arrested at BofA

Following a morning march, police began arresting Occupy LA protesters who locked arms and set up tents, blocking the intersection of Figueroa and Fourth streets and snarling morning rush-hour traffic in the area. Later, police arrested more people during a later march that began at noon, but didn't have a permit. And then around 4:30, after a several-hour occupation of the downtown Bank of America plaza, the LAPD began arresting hold-outs and taking down their tents.

Will the fringes of the occupy movement help or hurt the cause?

Across the country, police have swept into Occupy Wall Street encampments to remove demonstrators amid increasing complaints about safety, sanitation and drug use.

'Occupy LA' camp seeks to distinguish homeless from protesters

Occupy Wall Street protesters from Los Angeles to Portland to Atlanta are trying to distinguish between homeless people who are joining their movement and those who are there for the amenities.

Villaraigosa: Occupy LA can stay 'for now'

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday refused to issue an open-ended invitation to Occupy LA protestors camped on City Hall’s lawn.

Occupy LA costs farmers market business

Long before the Occupy Los Angeles protesters pitched tents in front of L.A. City Hall, another group regularly occupied that space – farmers. Every Thursday for the last four years, the City Hall farmers market would set up on the south lawn and sell vegetables, baked goods and prepared meals. Now that an encampment has claimed their space, the farmers have had to move their market across Main Street. Vendors say the change is hurting their business.

Public intellectuals adopt 'Occupy Wall Street' and 'Occupy LA'

The floodgates have officially opened. New York Times columnist and Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman has thrown his weight behind Occupy Wall Street (and I'm assuming Occupy LA and Occupy Everywhere Else), endorsing the inchoate anger of the 99%.

Occupy LA grows in size, gains media exposure

Occupy LA protesters remain camped out on the lawn at city hall. The demonstrators are acting in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement and are planning to broaden their protest this Saturday with an event they are calling the “International Day of Action.”

Occupy LA protesters face the rain and the City Council

Wednesday's rain and colder temperature presented the Occupy L.A. protesters with its first bit of weather-driven adversity. The protesters have been camped out since Oct. 1 in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

What is 'Occupy LA' really protesting?

Following in the footsteps of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, a group called "Occupy LA" set up shop in front of City Hall over the weekend and have now begun to move around town.

'Occupy LA' sets up camp outside City Hall

A couple hundred demonstrators remained in downtown L.A. Sunday as the ongoing protest dubbed "Occupy Los Angeles" began to settle in outside City Hall.

'Occupy LA' protesters take residence at LA's City Hall

Several hundred demonstrators marched on City Hall Saturday, as part of an protest to "occupy Los Angeles," an event that follows ongoing protests aimed at Wall Street in New York.