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The Cultural Meaning of Loss in Iraq to the Arab World

In general, the Arab world connects the war in Iraq with the broader Muslim world. So, what will be the meaning of Saddam Hussein's unseating to the broader Arab world? Is this seen as an extension of colonialism? Will the loss of the war in Iraq engender more fanaticism? Is this about a "loss of face" in the Arab psyche? Joining host Larry Mantle is Peter David, Foreign Editor of The Economist. Mr. David's latest article warns that "even a polite victory over a reviled dictator will end up humiliating the Arabs." Also, joining Larry is Dr. Aslam Abdullah, editor-in-chief of The Minaret, Imam Al-Qazwini, Imam of the Islamic Center in Costa Mesa, and Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Baset, director of religious affairs of the Islamic Center of Southern California.