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"A La Carte" Cable and Indecency

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin told Congress Tuesday that parents need better and more tools to help them navigate the, entertainment waters, particularly on cable and satellite TV. Declaring television coarser than ever, the Chairman served notice on cable and satellite programmers that he planned to expand federal decency standards to include cable and satellite programs. Martin suggested several options, including creating a ``family-friendly'' tier of channels that would offer shows suitable for kids, such as the programs shown on the Nickelodeon channel and also suggested letting consumers pay for a bundle of channels that the could choose themselves, a variation of the so-called ``a la carte'' pricing system that some in Congress have backed. Cable and satellite providers complain that ``a la carte'' pricing or tiers would drive up costs for equipment, customer service and marketing. Christian broadcasters complain that “a la carte” offerings would leave their networks out of the cable line-up. Larry Mantle discusses the issue with Brian Dietz of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, Dan Isett of the Parents Television Council and Paul Crouch, Jr. of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.