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Overhaul of public employee pensions

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Governor Schwarzenegger is seeking to revamp the state's pension system, noting that California's pension funds are financially unsustainable. The governor's plan would create a two-tiered system that would give lower benefits to newly-hired public employees, including state workers, firefighters, police officers, and teachers. According to Schwarzenegger, the cutbacks would save the state $90 billion over 30 years. Larry Mantle looks into the governor's proposal.

Later in the segment Larry checks in with KPCC reporter Brian Watt at the healthcare clinic at the Forum in Inglewood.


David Crane, special advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger for jobs and economic growth

Marcia Fritz, Vice President, California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility

Scott Adams, Pension and Investment Analyst, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

Brian Watt, KPCC Reporter