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Proposition 15 debate: public funding for elections

Cash contributions for a political campaign
Cash contributions for a political campaign
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The California Fair Elections Act, Proposition 15, would repeal the ban on public funding of political campaigns in California. It would also create a voluntary system for candidates for Secretary of State to qualify for a public campaign grant if they agree to limitations on spending and private contributions. This measure would also charge lobbyists, lobby firms and lobbyist employers a fee of $700 every two years to pay for publicly funded elections. If the proposition passes in the June 8 election, it’s estimated that revenues from these fees would generate $6 million every four-year election cycle. Larry moderates a debate between proponents and opponents of Proposition 15.


Trent Lange, campaign chair of the Yes on 15 campaign; President of the Board of Directors of the California Clean Money Campaign.

Richard Wiebe, spokesman for Richard Wiebe is a partner at public affairs firm Schubert-Flint, the organizers of the Stop 15 campaign.