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John Eastman - candidate for Attorney General

John Eastman, candidate for State Attorney General
John Eastman, candidate for State Attorney General
courtesy John Eastman for Attorney General / Facebook

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John Eastman, the former dean of Chapman Law School in Orange County, is one of a trio of GOP candidates battling for their party’s nomination for AG. Recent polls show him lagging behind rivals California Senator Tom Harman and District Attorney Steve Cooley, the presumed favorite, but large numbers of voters remain undecided. Eastman, who served as a clerk to Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, hopes to “vigorously pursue the rights of law-abiding citizens and victims over criminals” if he is elected. There’s been controversy surrounding Eastman’s use of the job description “assistant attorney general,” which a judge ruled he could not use because it was misleading. What impact – if any – might this have on his candidacy? Can Eastman rise above his underdog status in this race?


John Eastman, Dean of the Chapman University School of Law (from 2007 to February 2010); Republican candidate for California Attorney General