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Food trucks gear up for fight with LA City Council

Kogi BBQ truck in Los Angeles, CA.
Kogi BBQ truck in Los Angeles, CA.
renfield/Flickr (cc by-sa)

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Heralded by many, the explosion of gourmet food trucks over the past year selling everything from grilled cheese to sushi has taken the late-night taco to a whole new level. But critics say that the trucks ignore parking and zoning regulations, steal business from brick and mortar eateries, and draw crowds that leave trash in their wake. Now, Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge has introduced two motions to limit how the trucks operate. One calls for restricting food trucks from parking in meters in commercially zoned areas. The other would create specially designated zones for catering trucks. Should the city enact new rules to regulate food trucks? Or, viva la street food revolución?


Tom LaBonge, Los Angeles City Councilman representing the 4th district

Matt Geller, CEO, SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association (SCMVA)