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Welcome to Los Angeles – now go home!

The City of Angels: the rudest city in America?
The City of Angels: the rudest city in America?
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Maybe it’s the endless freeways and related road rage (think one-fingered wave out car windows). Perhaps it’s the heartless bouncers manning velvet ropes (You’re in, you’re OUT!”). Or maybe all the Botox and facelifts just make Angelenos seem expressionless and rude. Whatever the reason, visitors (and a few ungrateful residents) just ranked Los Angeles as the rudest city in the country. This, according to Travel & Leisure’s newly released America’s Favorite Cities survey. That’s right, ruder than New York. Not surprisingly, the City of Angels also ranked dead last in public transportation and pedestrian-friendliness, out of 35 major cities. L.A. can still gloat about its big-name restaurants, luxury shops (if you like that sort of thing) and famous weather. Is all that sunshine somehow turning Angelenos cold? Is L.A. really the rudest city in America? Why or why not?