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The sexual assault of CBS reporter Lara Logan – will it hurt women journalists’ ability to do their jobs?

CBS news chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan.
CBS news chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan.
Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

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CBS News Chief Foreign correspondent Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted last Friday, amid the Tahrir Square celebration of Egypt’s revolution. Logan went public with her attack, earning praise for her openness and courage. However, the emotional public response hasn’t all been supportive of women reporters being sent to dangerous locations. Some commentators were critical of CBS for assigning Logan to this story, or for not providing her with additional security. However, Logan has reported from many hotspots, just like hundreds of other women journalists. Despite this being a rare event, will it have a chilling effect on the ability of women reporters to get dangerous and important assignments? Are there any different precautions that news organizations could or should take to safeguard women reporters than they would for men?