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Vote by mail project OK’d by Governor Brown

Yolo County Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, author of AB 413.
Yolo County Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, author of AB 413.
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On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 413 into law. The bill, authored by Yolo County Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada allows an all-mail voting pilot project in Yolo County and sets up a new system to analyze the effects of all-mail ballot voting on local elections and report those findings back to the Legislature. As the administration and cost of traditional poll voting has becomes increasingly burdensome to local districts, more and more voters are choosing to exercise their right-to-vote by choosing permanent Vote by Mail (VBM) status. Under AB 413, the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder will be able to conduct up to three local elections using mail ballots as the primary voting system but these elections would not be held on the same date as general or statewide elections. At least one polling location per city will remain open on Election Day for people who are unable or prefer not to vote by mail and secure ballot drop off locations will be available for the convenience of voters using mail-in ballots. Would you like California to adopt a mail-in voting system for all state elections if it could save the state millions of dollars?


Mariko Yamada, California Assemblywoman from the 8th district which includes Yolo County. She is the author of AB 413. The 8th district stretches from Sacramento west to the Bay Area