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LAX dis-connect

A car drives to the LAX departure terminal.
A car drives to the LAX departure terminal.
marcus_and_sue/Flickr (cc by-nc-nd)

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Almost every major city in the world that has a mass transit system, uses said system to get people to the airport. But NOT Los Angeles. On Tuesday, transit officials held the first of three public meetings to get input on ways to connect LA’s Metro system to Los Angeles International Airport. Why, when the Green Line was built, didn’t it go all the way to LAX? The answer is unclear but it seems that airport commissioners blocked those efforts more than two decades ago because of concerns over parking revenue and the possibility that electric train lines would interfere with airport radar systems. A variety of options are now being considered including a light rail connection, a dedicated bus road, an automatic people mover, and, according to Metro spokeswoman Renee Berlin, “anything else that comes up that…is worthy of meeting the project’s goals and objectives.” But none of the current proposals include plans to connect the Green Line directly with LAX. Additional public meetings will be held Thursday, August 25 at Metro Headquarters in Downtown LA and on Tuesday, August 30 at the Veterans' Memorial Complex. Before you head over to one of those, share your ideas with us. Should the Green Line and LAX come together at last? How?


Renee Berlin, Executive Officer, Countywide Planning for Metro