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William Shatner – the busiest man in showbiz cuts a new album

William Shatner in Cannes, southern France.
William Shatner in Cannes, southern France.
AFP/AFP/Getty Images

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If you only think of Star Trek's iconic Captain Kirk when you think of William Shatner, then you are way behind the times, friend. If you think only of his Emmy and Golden Globe winning work on TV shows The Practice and Boston Legal – you’re missing out.

The acclaimed actor is also a cult hero for his one-of-a-kind approach to the art of musical spoken-word.

Shatner says he got into showbiz at age 6 when he realized he could “make people laugh and cry;” now at age 80, his albums provoke both laughter and tears. In 2004, "Has Been" was well-received for its inimitable cover songs and originals.

This week, with the release of "Seeking Major Tom," Shatner has gone even bigger. His back-up artists include Peter Frampton, Bootsy Collins, Brian May and Ritchie Blackmore. They perform on their original songs as Shatner offers new vocal stylings of inter-stellar hits including "Major Tom," "Spirit in the Sky," "Space Oddity" and even "Bohemian Rhapsody."

He worked on the album in between stage tours, new television shows, Priceline ads, charity work, and being a husband and father. He himself uses the phrase "the many iterations of William Shatner."


At his age, how does he do it? What keeps him inspired? How can he keep going at warp speed? This year his native country, Canada, gave him its most prestigious award, the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for lifetime achievement. What has been his favorite accolade so far? And what's next for this next-century "Renaissance Man"?


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