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"Busting Out!" busts up audiences

Bev Killick (L) and Emma Powell (R) of
Bev Killick (L) and Emma Powell (R) of "Busting Out!"
Courtesy of Busting Out!

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Last night, North American audiences got their first taste of the bawdy theater experience known as "Busting Out!", now playing at the Hayworth Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Already the show has wowed houses down-under and throughout the U.K., with sold out runs from Adelaide to Edinburgh.

The show is part stand-up, part musical and part cabaret, but the biggest part of "Busting Out!" is … boobs. That’s right. Boobs. "Busting Out!" is a mostly top-less production in which the two stars, Emma Powell and Mandi Lodge, take back the power of the female form, using their assets in funny and creative ways.

According to Powell, who created the show, women are bombarded with overly idealized versions of what women’s bodies should be. "Busting Out!" is about busting those myths and reminding women that our bodies look the way they look … and that’s fine. Powell says her goal is to demystify and celebrate what women really look like under their bras, and have a good laugh in the process. Comedy is a great tool for holding a mirror up to society; according to critics this show makes an effective political statement about body image and female empowerment – and does it with laugh-out-loud entertainment value.


Can a bawdy, busty comedy really drive home the point that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes?


Emma Powell, writer, creator and star in "Busting Out!"

Mandi Lodge, star, "Busting Out!"

Busting Out! is playing at in a limited engagement at The Hayworth Theatre. For tickets: click here.