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New Dodgers trainer adds fresh perspective to troubled team

Sue Falsone is the first woman trainer in all four league major sports.
Sue Falsone is the first woman trainer in all four league major sports.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers haven't had a lot of good press lately. Between last April's brutal beating of a Giants fan and the ongoing McCourt saga, it's been a rough year.

But in late October, the team's management made a groundbreaking choice to hire Sue Falsone as their new head trainer. Falsone has been on the training staff for a number of years but she is the first woman in any major league sport to crack the top spot.

She has said in interviews that being with the team has been an amazing experience from the start and the players immediately made her feel welcome, although finding a place to change into her uniform has occasionally been an issue.

Falsone brings a lot to the table. In addition to working with the Dodgers she's also the vice president of performance and physical therapy and team sports at Athlete's Performance, a training facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Team management hopes she'll bring some fresh and innovative ideas on treatment plans for injured players as well as evaluate their current training methods. We’ll find out more about Sue Falsone's training philosophy and learn how she plans to keep our star players healthy.


Sue Falsone, new trainer for the Los Angeles Dodgers