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You shouldn’t have, really (worst gifts ever)

A lump of coal.
A lump of coal.

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The holidays mean different things to different people. To some, it’s a deeply spiritual time. For others, it’s all about getting together with friends and family. To most of us, fair or not, the holidays also mean – PRESENTS!

As crude as the over-commercialization of Christmas can be, the thoughtful giving and receiving of gifts can be a beautiful thing. When done right, it’s a wonderful way to show our loved ones how much we care. But sometimes, things go terribly, terribly wrong.

We don’t mean to sound ungrateful. But come on, a really bad gift can definitely be worse than no gift at all. No one needs 43 nose clippers. Or something clearly grabbed quickly from the cupboard at home to fulfill a gift-giving obligation, like dish soap or a dusty, used candle (both true stories, by the way).

And don’t even get us started on re-gifting. According to a recent survey, about 41-percent of Americans have done it. On the one hand, it’s better for the environment to pass that junk on, than throw it away. On the other hand, men don’t usually dig getting sweaters meant for women. And if you hated that toilet plunger given to you, chances are your office-mate will hate it even more.

Yes, we should all count our blessings, especially in these turbulent times. But once in awhile, it’s OK to pause and ask: what the hell was s/he thinking?! So just for a bit, AirTalk invites you to put gratitude aside and let it rip.


What’s the worst Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gift you’ve ever gotten? What made it so bad, so awkward or so humiliating? And who was the culprit behind the abomination?