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Good tidings & last minute food guidings from the LA Times test kitchen

The cover of the Food section from the Los Angeles Times.
The cover of the Food section from the Los Angeles Times.
(c) 2011 Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times

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Before a recipe for turducken, bacon-maple biscuits or magical honey cakes can grace the pages of the Los Angeles Times it gets tested, tasted, tweaked and re-tested in their spacious test kitchen.

The perfectly-styled recipe is then whisked into the nearby photo studio for its close-up. The Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen is one of very few such facilities still in existence at daily metropolitan news publications.

They test more than 600 recipes on average per year. But only 400 make it to print. Who makes all the tough decisions? Where do they get all those recipes? And who gets to eat the divine mishaps and culinary triumphs? LA Times Food Editor, Russ Parsons, and Test Kitchen Chef, Noelle Carter, join Larry in studio to dish about the year’s most popular recipes, tasty ideas for last-minute holiday treats and to answer all your gastronomic questions.


Russ Parsons, LA Times Food Editor, “The California Cook” columnist; author of “How to Pick a Peach” and “How to Read a French Fry”

Noelle Carter, LA Times Test Kitchen Manager & Chef; “Culinary SOS” columnist