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Howard Shore scores another hit

Composer Howard Shore.
Composer Howard Shore.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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Howard Shore is without a doubt one of the most accomplished and respected composers and conductors working in Hollywood today. His career actually started in television, as he was one of the creators of “Saturday Night Live,” serving as music director for the first five years of its existence. In this period of time, he also started working with David Cronenberg, scoring a total of 13 of the director’s films.

Shore’s best known work may be the music he provided for Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. He earned an Academy Award for each score, and also garnered Grammys and Golden Globes as well. Shore was even invited to conduct the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Chorus for the world premiere of “The Lord of the Rings Symphony” in Wellington.

In 2008, Shore completed an opera, “The Fly,” and in 2010 he finished a piano concerto which was premiered by Lang Lang in Beijing. Most recently, he collaborated with Martin Scorsese on “Hugo,” the fantastical story of a young boy’s adventure in a French train station.


What are some of Shore’s fondest memories working with Scorsese on “Hugo”? What about throughout the rest of his career? How does he go about composing an entire score to a movie? What input does the director have? What do you love about Howard Shore’s work?


Howard Shore, Oscar nominated composer for the original score of “Hugo”