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Author Ian Bremmer: The new world order has no leader

Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-ZERO World
Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-ZERO World

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In his new book “Every Nation for Itself” author and global risk analyst Ian Bremmer argues that world governance is failing.

International bodies such as the G-7 or the G-20 are ineffective at global governing because no one state has the clout to move an agenda forward and each state has enough power to block any undesirable initiative. The stalemate, according to Bremmer creates a power vacuum that the author finds troubling and disconcerting.

What’s left when no country emerges as the world leader? Bremmer calls it G-Zero, a world dominated by uncertainty, severely hampered by its inability to find agreement among nations on vitally important issues such as trade policy, international macroeconomics, climate change and financial regulatory reform. What will come out of this leaderless condition? In his book Bremmer makes predictions about who wins and who loses in this new international order and what this all means for the United States.


Ian Bremmer, author of “Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World” (Portfolio)