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Orange County journalists’ roundtable

A shot of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.
A shot of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.
David McNew/Getty Images

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Nick and our talented Orange County journalists will chew on the latest big news from the O.C., including a lack of news about the San Onofre nuclear plant. As temperatures rise in the Southland, the heat is on to secure a power supply for the region. What will happen if the San Onofre units stay offline for the summer?

We'll also address the impact of Tuesday's election results, including the Fullerton recall and local ballot measures. Also, we'll get an update on the County supervisors’ refusal to recognize Harvey Milk Day. And as reported in the "Voice of O.C.," there are some questions surrounding Anaheim City Council's approval to buy a $2.2 million Cessna for its police department.

Finally, this Saturday the Crystal Cathedral will be renamed. According to "The Orange County Register," a church spokesman said the name will be Christological, or pertaining to the life, teachings and deeds of Jesus. The Catholic Diocese received thousands of ideas for a new name.


Norberto Santana, Editor-in-Chief of the Voice of OC, a non-profit investigative news agency that covers Orange County government and politics

Gustavo Arellano, Managing Editor of the OC Weekly and author of "Taco USA" and “Ask A Mexican”

Teri Sforza, Staff Writer for the Orange County Register

And please answer some questions relating to Orange County for KPCC's Public Insight Network:

What Orange County issues matter most to you?

How does Kelly Thomas’ death change the Fullerton you know?