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Disney California Adventure’s new Cars Land opening this week

Will you go to Disney's California Adventure this summer?
Will you go to Disney's California Adventure this summer?
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In 2007, Disney announced a $1.1-billion renovation to its California Adventure park. Now, nearly five years later, the new additions will finally be opening to the public on June 15. Included in the overhaul is the crown jewel, Cars Land. The 12-acre mock-up of the fictional town Radiator Springs from Disney Pixar’s 2006 animated film, Cars.

The new land features three new rides, a restaurant, and several snack stands all themed for different locations in the movie and set against the 125-foot Cadillac Range. The new attraction is expected to draw droves of visitors for at least a few months, meaning long lines for those who need to see it now.

So what, if anything, will Cars Land do for California Adventure’s reputation, visitor volume, and pocket book?


Robert Niles, Editor,; Niles has been on the new rides