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Raising the roof in Hollywood

Is the city of Hollywood headed for a change?
Is the city of Hollywood headed for a change?

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Los Angeles’ most iconic neighborhood could be expanding its borders -– vertically.

City planners say that Hollywood’s population is expected to increase exponentially over the next 18 years, triggering the need for 13,000 additional residences. Their proposed solution? High-rise apartment buildings – some up to 75 stories, if development proponents have their way. They envision a livable, urban neighborhood, no car necessary, teeming with skyscrapers and bustling with city life.

Nearby hillside residents oppose the plan, contending it would change the area’s character and corrupt Hollywood’s world-famous skyline, which includes the Capitol Records building and views of the Hollywood sign. The two sides cite conflicting numbers when it comes to current and future residency, while proponents of the plan project a population of nearly 250,000 in 2030, critics contend it will be less than 190,000.

The matter is set to come before city council on Tuesday. Would you like to see Hollywood reach new heights? Or do you like the view of Tinseltown the way it is?


David Ambroz, Hollywood resident and board member of the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council

Sarajane Schwartz, President, Hollywoodland Homeowners Association